Continuing growth of DigiMakers <local>

Last Sat at Barton Hill Settlement saw the continuing growth of DigiMakers <local>, delivered as part of our Education & Skills SIG. In addition to the younger cohort working on their Scratch projects we had a new attendee working on the more advanced Raspberry Pi maker projects.

Younger DigiMakers working on CodeClub activities
Younger DigiMakers working with Scratch

Running from 4pm until 5pm on a Sat afternon, the sessions are proving a real hit for youngsters and parents alike. Many of the younger DigiMakers already have Scratch accounts so were able to share their projects (as well as saving them on the DigiMakers <local> dropbox). At the more technical end of DigiMakers <local>, having wired up his breadboard for a quick reaction game, we’re currently deep into debugging the Python script before extending the functionality (using a project outline from the Raspberry Pi Foundation).

Debugging python code on Raspberry Pi
Debugging python code on Raspberry Pi

A huge thanks to our sponsor (RS Components) and members for making DigiMakers <local> a possibility. Thank also to the Barton Hill Settlement for the venue and the Bristol Somali Resource Centre for their community support and championing.