Come along to fly a spaceship, navigate a maze by boat, build your own adventure game, or design your own unique project!

DigiLocal is a fun club for kids to engage with technology on a regular basis. All our Ambassadors are volunteers and give their time to support the next generation of engineers, software developers, innovators, and problem solvers.

We want them to gain skills that are useful to them - not only learning to program, but also learning about computational thinking, problem solving, planning, designing and collaboration. All our activities are project based, with opportunity to expand on a suggested solution with ingenuity and originality.

DigiLocal provides over 50 projects for young people to engage with. The projects supoport young people in structuring their thinking to tackle larger challenges in bite-sized portions.

Each club meets weekly and a session lasts one hour.

The club is free to attend, but numbers are strictly limited. To avoid disapointment for you and your child please contact us to register.

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Bradley Stoke Library
1 Fiddlers Wood Ln
Bradley Stoke
Bristol, BS32 9BS
United Kingdom

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