Bristol 2030

Bristol 2030!

Bristol 2030 is a fun challenge for kids clubs across the West of England region to showcase their imagination, problem solving, and engineering skills. They might approach it from a coding perspective with Scratch, Python, or Python/Minecraft; they might approach it from an electronics perspective with Raspberry Pi and external senors / devices; whatever their ideas, we want to try and support them to produce something wonderful to showcase on 1 July in the Watershed, Bristol!

You can download this page as a pdf to print and use in your clubs here: DigiLocal-Bristol2030 (296kb)

The Challenge

Think about what Bristol might be like in 13 years time.

Will we all be in self-driving cars? Will all our power come from renewable sources? What will the weather be like? Will we all have robot assistants? Where will we get our food?

Pick one idea, and then build a game to show that idea.

Game Design

  1. Think of a fun objective for your game;
    • collect or catch things (e.g. gathering sun/wind for a renewable energy game)
    • navigate a maze / journey (e.g. Day in the Life… with decisions that affect later story)
  2. Think about progression; how will the game get harder at each level (aim for 4 levels)
    • perhaps as people use more gadgets, you need to collect more energy
    • perhaps you have less time to do each level or the maze, or obstacles move faster, or puzzles are more complex…
  3. Produce a storyboard
    • identify the key sprites for each level
    • list what you want to happen & how it gets harder
  4. Produce your Sprites & Backgrounds
    • don’t forget a welcome / instruction screen
    • don’t forget a game over screen
  5. Write your code!
    • use the CodeClub projects as examples of how to achieve things
  6. Test with your friends!

Feedback form

Use a form like the one below to record your friend’s thoughts about your game, and what you did about their suggestions.

Name of test buddy
Player Feedback Designer’s Response
Design – do you know what you should be doing (and why)?
Playability – is the game easy to play and understand?
Challenge – is the game presenting enough challenge to make you want to play it again?
Other comments to help with the development of this game

Competition Diary – Deadline 1st July 2017


  1. Build your own game that incorporates the theme successfully
  2. You must include an evaluation and feedback form
  3. You must include a poster of how to build your game (template to follow)
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