DigiMakers launch at Barton Hill Settlement

Rocket ships piloted by chimpanzees flew through space, dance floors lit up to a funky beat, and cats meowed last Saturday (20 June) at the Barton Hill Settlement. DigiMakers <local> launched as a new initiative for young people to play with, and learn about, technology and software coding.

DigiMakers focussed on their animation projects.
DigiMakers focussed on their animation projects.

Using the SCRATCH software tool, the young people spent an hour developing their programs and exploring the software. STEM Ambassadors (local software engineers and IT professionals) were on hand to give guidance, but the kids were definitely in charge. Some followed the activity guides provided, and some took a more creative route, but all had something to show at the end.

The purpose of DigiMakers <local> is to take the tech to the kids. Working with community centres and leaders, we’re removing the barriers that prevent many of them doing this already. We can provide equipment, high quality activity guides and Ambassadors. The community centres promote the activity to their networks of kids, and provide a familiar venue.

DigiMakers <local> at Barton Hill Settlement takes place every Saturday from 4pm until 5pm. Its an informal learning opportunity so kids don’t have to attend every week. We plan to grow the awareness in the Barton Hill community so that around 20 kids can benefit each week. More venues are being planned and if you’d like to be a Sponsor, host, or volunteer, please contact John Bradford (john.bradford@hbb.org.uk).


DigiMakers <local> is an initiative of the Education & Skills Special Interest Group of High Tech Bristol & Bath (HBB) CIC. HBB is a membership organisation for high tech companies in the Bristol and Bath region. It exists to support collaboration, innovation, and dissemination.