Martin Thompson – in conversation

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As part of the build up to Voxxed Days Bristol 2016 I had a chat with Martin about his Keynote talk “Adventures with concurrent programming in Java: A quest for predictable latency“. You can register here for Voxxed Days Bristol 2016 and attend Martin’s session in full.

I began by asking Martin why latency, traditionally the preserve of the embedded systems or High Performance Computing (or FPS gamers), is now important to all software engineers?

As we evolve into world of ubiquitous distributed computing we need better means of communicating, not just between machines, but also between threads and processes on the same machine. As our core counts soar we are effectively getting data centres in a box. Amdahl’s, Little’s, and Universal Scalability Law’s can no longer be ignored as we get more cores but no significant increases in speed per core. These are the ruling laws when it comes distributed and parallel computing.

We’ve had tools in Java for concurrent and parallel computing since the early days, what will developers take away from your session that will help them in the real world?

Attendees will take away an awareness that not all algorithms are remotely equal when it comes to managing contention when we communicate.

Aside from speaking at Voxxed Days Bristol, what else are you excited about for 2016?

Getting to go skiing before the end of the season this year.

That’s great Martin, thanks for your time. How can people follow you, or find out about other things you’re working on?

I’m on Twitter as @mjpt777, blog at, and can often be found in the Mechanical Sympathy discussion forum –!forum/mechanical-sympathy

Thank you Martin, and don’t forget to register for Voxxed Days Bristol 2016 to attend Martin’s keynote session!

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