Tim Perry – in conversation

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We had quite a few proposals for microservice sessions, why is the subject matter important?

Microservices are a big trending topic, but even once you’ve decided to go down this route, and you’ve got answers for the initial practical problems, there’s still many big design challenges to face. Where do you draw the lines between your services, and how can you architect your system to make that separation easier? These are skills that are hard to get until you’ve looked at lots of real microservice architectures in practice.

Architectures are all well and good but what practical, tangible outcome will folks take from your session?

The key thing we’ll be getting is an understanding of the architecture of a real-world production system built using microservices, how microservice and pipeline-based design has made that work, and the principles behind the design processes used. If you’re looking at adopting microservices, the most important thing is to see how other microservice architectures are really structured in practice, to give yourself context and an understanding of the kind of patterns that work well (or not), and that’s exactly what I’m going to be looking at.

Aside from speaking at Voxxed Days Bristol, what else are you excited about for 2016?

Spark! Spark has a huge amount of interesting momentum at the moment and is really starting to gain more maturity, and I’m really keen to see where it’s going, and to have a chance to really use it in anger. The rise of more strongly-typed and functional languages into the mainstream is great too, especially Swift, Rust and Typescript. Meanwhile, more personally, I’ve got a personal project I’ve been playing with for a while (Build Focus: www.buildfocus.io) going to go into public beta this year, which should be very exciting indeed.

Sounds great, looking forward to the announcement. How can people follow you to find out more?

Catch up with me on twitter: I’m @pimterry

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