DigiLocal® – a review


Since launching DigiLocal® we’ve achieved quite a bit;

  • over 300 hrs of engagement with technology;
  • 8-12 young people at the laptop sessions;
  • 4-6 young people at Raspberry Pi sessions;
  • boy-girl ratio typically 70-30, but has been as high as 50-50
  • weekly 1 hour sessions for younger kids (nominally 8-14)
  • weekly 2 hour sessions for old kids (nominally 14-18)

We don’t mandate ages for sessions, we find that the young people tend to self select which group they feel most comfortable in, and will occasionally switch groups or projects.

There tends to be a core of kids that regularly turn up (and actually bring their parents, rather than the other way around) and a much wider community that have attended at least one session.

We don’t mandate that kids turn up every week, all their work is saved in their own Dropbox folder, accessible only from a DigiLocal laptop. That way they can turn up as they are able to and their work will be saved between sessions. There is currently no home-access, this is something we’re looking into.

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