Voxxed Days Success Stories

Days Bristol logo greyWe deliver conferences and events for the developer community in the certain expectation that they help make the ecosystem stronger and that individuals benefit, but we rarely get direct confirmation; until one of our volunteers from Voxxed Days Bristol 2016 got in touch…


From the keynote speaker, Prof. Dave Cliff talking about Bristol is Open project, I took this nugget of information back to my degree at UWE (Digital Media) and used Bristol is Open as the cornerstone to an Interaction Design assignment as part of our final year project.

Essentially, we used Balsamiq Wireframing application to mockup an app that enabled cyclists to route their journey around Bristol based on the air quality. For example, if Gloucester Road had poor air quality then the app would suggest an alternative route that was healthier for the cyclist. It was incredibly helpful to our project and my fellow students within the group project were kicking themselves by the end of the assignment wishing they had gone. It was a massive I told you so moment!

We’ve just got our marks back and it would appear that the lecturer loved our mockup app and gave us an overall mark of 72%, so we’re all pretty happy. But, if it wasn’t for Voxxed Days, who knows what awful project we would have come up with instead… Anyways, thank you again and please let me know if you have any other questions.

Kind Regards,
Thomas Paris
Managing Director