Digital Catapult announces IoTUK Boost partners – driving forward Internet of Things innovation

High Tech Bristol and Bath CIC, together with Bristol SETsquared Business Accelerator, Engine Shed, and the University of the West of England (UWE, Bristol) are excited to confirm that we are one of the 6 Boost partners. IoTUK Boost will aim to address barriers to entry into the IoT marketplace across the country, with the … Read more Digital Catapult announces IoTUK Boost partners – driving forward Internet of Things innovation

DigiLocal® – connecting across the region

As part of our Education, Skills & Diversity SIG, we organised a workshop to discuss the various provision of high quality engagement for young people with technology across the West of England. We brought together a diverse mix of industry, public sector and education providers to discuss what was on offer, how it fitted together, … Read more DigiLocal® – connecting across the region

Philipp Krenn – in conversation

As part of our continuing series I caught up with Philipp Krenn about his talk. I started by asking Philipp why developers need to attend his talk? Polyglott persistence has become widespread reality. Today you are spoilt for choice, but which solution or combination is right for you? Making the right choice will improve your developers’ … Read more Philipp Krenn – in conversation

Simon Ritter – in conversation

Java goes through regular release updates, why is this one particularly important? Although JDK 9 will not be released until next year it contains significant changes to the way applications are packaged and deployed that will affect all developers.  In addition, there are changes to the accessibility of certain APIs that will be very important … Read more Simon Ritter – in conversation

Tim Perry – in conversation

We had quite a few proposals for microservice sessions, why is the subject matter important? Microservices are a big trending topic, but even once you’ve decided to go down this route, and you’ve got answers for the initial practical problems, there’s still many big design challenges to face. Where do you draw the lines between … Read more Tim Perry – in conversation

Adrian Colyer – in conversation

Hi Adrian, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts here. Innovations in distributed datastores have driven much of the growth of cloud computing, you’re suggesting that the apparent ease of deployment may be hiding fundamental challenges? An understanding of the trade-offs involved in working with distributed datastores is essential if you want to avoid unexpected surprises from … Read more Adrian Colyer – in conversation

Jakub Korab – in conversation

Hi Jakub, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts here. I guess it’s self evident why messaging is important in the modern age of cloud computing, but why propose this session? Inter-system communication is a foundation of the way we build systems today. When you take a look around the industry, there is … Read more Jakub Korab – in conversation

Steve Loughran – in conversation

Hi Steve, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Your session is sub-titled “the madness beyond the gate”, what does that refer to? Apache Hadoop is the defacto standard for “Big Data” systems, physical or virtual. The majority of physical Hadoop clusters are now running Kerberos — yet developers writing applications to run … Read more Steve Loughran – in conversation

Johan Janssen – in conversation

I caught up with Johnan recently about his session at Voxxed Days Bristol and asked him why he’d proposed playing with Lego and Raspberry Pi’s for a developer conference? Nowadays most of us still work with REST/XML to communicate between applications. It doesn’t feel natural that you need quite some other code and libraries to … Read more Johan Janssen – in conversation

Martin Thompson – in conversation

As part of the build up to Voxxed Days Bristol 2016 I had a chat with Martin about his Keynote talk “Adventures with concurrent programming in Java: A quest for predictable latency“. You can register here for Voxxed Days Bristol 2016 and attend Martin’s session in full. I began by asking Martin why latency, traditionally the preserve … Read more Martin Thompson – in conversation