Voxxed Days Bristol 2016 – wrapup

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230 Developers – 21 Sessions – 3 Parallel Tracks – 1 Day

Thanks to everyone that helped make Voxxed Days Bristol 2016 an awesome event. Don’t just take my word for it:

As part of the Cloud SIG within HBB, there were always two key jobs for Voxxed Days Bristol to achieve:

  1. support great Developer Engagement
  2. promote the Cloud Cluster around Bristol and Bath

I think from the above and our video feedback we definitely achieved our first objective!

You can view all 21 sessions in HD via our YouTube channel.

The second job for Voxxed Days Bristol 2016 was to promote the cloud cluster. Using social media metrics we saw excellent coverage and engagement with the community and programme team.

The table below outlines the twitter activity over the four months from confirmation that Voxxed Days Bristol 2016 was going to happen, through to the conference itself.

Month Tweets Tweet Impressions Profile Visits Mentions New Followers
Nov 12 10.8k 274 11 31
Dec 23 19.1k 290 16 15
Jan 44 41.2k 341 30 14
Feb 70 33.5k 1305 157 33

The main notable feature is that in Feb we were much more effective at driving people to our Twitter and webpages. This was largely due to very targeted posts including speaker information and actively phrased tweets.

Unsurprisingly most of our audience (23%) came from the UK, with 19% from the US (Twitter Analytics). We also had good EU coverage in Germany (6%), France & Poland (5% each), and Russia (4%). Further afield we had interest from India (3%) and a long tail of countries at 2% or lower. Not everyone completed a full postal address on their registration, so although we know that most attendees came from Bristol or the West of England, I don’t have a detailed breakdown.

The website data shows a similar breakdown of region. Other web metrics include (for the 90 days since 30 Dec 2015.

Sessions users Page Views
4,809 2,748 9,862
Bounce Rate Organic Search Pages/Session
67.83% 952 2.05

Pages per session is a bit misleading as the website was a single-page scrolling design, there was only a need to access another page to see details of speaker sessions. The most popular talks (according to page views of the abstracts) were “REST no More” (273), “Introduction to Erlang” (241), “Out of the Fire Swamp” (212), and “Continuous Delivery of Microservices” (206).

Measuring the direct impact of a conference on the wider community is almost impossible, however, the ongoing feedback from delegates and speakers is that they really enjoyed Voxxed Days Bristol 2016, and are looking forward to Voxxed Days Bristol 2017.

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